For the sake of future generations, it is our belief we all have to do our bit before it’s too late. That is why we are focused on creating an exceptional product to be enjoyed, whilst making a difference – however small – to the footprint we leave on this planet.
Following a move to Devoran in 2016, we soon became actively involved in village life and organised a Christmas fundraising event, which included a gin bar that proved to be so successful, we were inspired to create our own organic Cornish gin that could also assist a conservation charity in their essential work in the fight against climate change.

Speaking to The Juniper Club owner’s Lisa and Kate, we were inspired by their story that chimed with our desire to do something positive for the planet; sparking the idea to create an organic Cornish gin that could assist a conservation charity in their essential work.
With help from our distillers, we experimented with a host of organic botanicals; enlisting a panel of tasters, covering a wide age range within the gin trade and general public. From the information we received, we were able to produce a unique, natural blend of thirteen botanicals

In order to be classed as organic, our gin has had to pass the rigorous scrutiny of The Soil Association. It is the high level of approved organic ingredients that make this gin stand out.
Distilled with pure Cornish water, natural organic grain and juniper berries; we then added thirteen organic botanicals, including coriander seeds, cardamom pods, pink peppercorns, ginger root, dried rose buds, hyssop, orange peel, camomile, violet leaves, blueberries, nutmeg and orris root…

The result is an exceptionally smooth, fresh and citrusy gin with a good level of juniper that is perfect for any time of year.

Our branding reflects both the quality of our product and the county in which it is made. A map of Cornwall features prominently on our label with an eye-catching bottle design that captures thoughts of the sea. Cornwall is the home of 69 Saints, so calling our gin “Land of Saints” was the perfect choice.
Land of Saints Organic Gin - Cornwall