Land of Saints Organic Gin 70cl (40%)



An exceptionally smooth, fresh and citrusy gin with fresh floral notes and a well-balanced infusion of juniper. All surplus profits are donated to Fauna & Flora International.

Distilled and bottled in rural Cornwall at the Black & Gold Organic Distillery, the only distillery in England to be certified by the Biodynamic Association.

Land of Saints is probably the world’s greenest Gin!

Approved by The Organisation of Responsible Businesses, and as a social enterprise company, we support David Attenborough’s Conservation Organisation, Fauna & Flora International.

Land of Saints is produced with 13 organic botanicals, which make for an exceptionally smooth, fresh, citrus led gin with floral notes and a well-balanced level of juniper.

Best served over ice with your choice of tonic from the Navas range, and garnished with grapefruit.

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