The importance of COP26

Sir David is Vice President of Fauna & Flora International, the world’s oldest conservation organisation.

Land of Saints Cornish Organic Gin has been donating surplus profits to @faunafloraint since 2019 to support their fight against climate change, which is why #COP26 is so close to our hearts. As the people’s advocate for COP26 and in an impassioned speech during the opening ceremony he told world leaders that there is still time to “rewrite our story”.

Our organic distillery is the only one in England to be certified by the stringent scrutiny of The Biodynamic Association. We are approved by The Organisation for Responsible Businesses and the only Gin Company to be admitted to membership. Our business was set up to support the work of FFI and we aim to continue to do just that!

Every sip you take of Land of Saints Gin is a small step towards helping @faunafloraint to make the planet a safe place for future generations.

Let us hope that this conference will incite real change and that in our lifetimes we will see the restoration of our planet 🌍

Follow @faunafloraint for regular briefings from their climate team live from COP26 from 31 October-12 November. Their team will cover the latest conversations around nature protection, financing and locally-led solutions.

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