The Gin Rag On Why They Love Land Of Saints Organic Gin

It’s officially al fresco sipping season and what better time to celebrate then with a fantastic review from the Gin Rag.

Read more for their  lovely words on our organic gin and their perfect serve. 

Gin Rag on Land of Saints Organic Gin

“When Mike and Sue Bearcroft moved in 2016 to Devoran – a village in South Cornwall, they were inspired to create their own organic Cornish gin.

Working with distillers and a panel of tasters, they set about experimenting with a whole host of organic botanicals, before settling on a final set of 13. The base spirit is made with organic grain and pure Cornish water before being distilled with juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, pink peppercorns, ginger root, dried rose buds, hyssop, orange peel, camomile, violet leaves, blueberries, nutmeg and orris root. To be classed as truly organic, every ingredient has to pass rigorous testing by The Soil Association. The result is Land of Saints Organic Gin – the name coming from the fact that Cornwall is the home of 69 Saints.

From the outset, they wanted to use Land of Saints gin to make a positive impact on the world around them, and a minimum of 50p from every bottle sold is donated to Fauna & Flora International – the world’s oldest conservation charity. Additionally, it is the only gin company approved by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

Tasting Notes

With a considerable number of botanicals, we weren’t quite sure what to expect when tasting Land of Saints, however after one sip the quality was clear. Super smooth and clean, this is a classic London Dry with a big hit of juniper throughout. Dry cardamom spice ably backs up the juniper at first, before it makes way for a fresh, zesty citrus finish.

Gin and Tonic: Lemon

A classic slice of lemon works well with the classic London Dry flavours, bringing out the zesty finish nicely.

Cocktail: Martini

For gins with quality ingredients and a traditional clean taste, there is only ever one cocktail best to show them off – the Martini. Go with whatever recipe you prefer, but a twist of lemon peel works very nicely with Land of Saints.”

Thank you for the brilliant review Gin Rag! Hands up if you now fancy a G&T?