Time For Change

Land of Saints Gin was born out of our founders’ love for the environment, nature and charity work. With news of the devastating, record-shattering temperatures in Canada linked to dozens of deaths, buckled roads, blackouts and wildfires, it is clear that businesses and individuals alike need to take responsibility and action with how we are treating our planet. 

Joe Biden has joined scientists in blaming the climate crisis for a record-shattering heatwave in the western US and Canada that has been linked to dozens of deaths over the heatwave and put an incredible amount of pressure on the health services. Katharine Hayhoe, a Canadian climate scientist at Texas Tech University, said human emissions had loaded the climate dice by making heatwaves earlier, longer and stronger. She cited studies and government reports showing Canada was warming twice as fast than the rest of the world and monthly higher temperatures were being broken three times more frequently than cold temperature records.

At Land of Saints Organic Gin, we do our part to make the world a better place. With saving animals and their habitat, organic gin and more sustainable business practices. Not only do we dedicate all our profits to David Attenbrough’s conservation charity Fauna and Flora International, we’re the only organic distillery in England certified organic by the Biodynamic Association Certification. Our mission is to continuously strive in making our business practices more people and planet friendly. We believe that a simple step to help with changing the world is switching to a sustainable sipper and also having the right spirit! 

Join our mission in helping Mother Earth. 

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